Dear plant killers: a guide on how to be a good plant parent is a book that i wrote, designed, illustrated and self published. This book was written for people that love plants but can't seem to keep them alive by a reformed plant killer and includes helpful tips on specific plants, illustrations, a DIY soil recipe, and more! You can purchase it through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or at
Book description: you’re probably here because you have a hard time keeping plants alive. i’m here to tell you not to give up. plant care is not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. it takes time, care, and research to keep every plant alive. it’s not always your fault if a plant dies... but most causes of death are avoidable. this book will help you understand the work it takes to keep a plant alive!
If you are interested in stocking Dear Plant Killers in your store, through either wholesale or commission, please contact me for more information at
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