Alright! Craft & Vintage
This logo was commissioned by a new local creator and curator of vintage goods! We wanted to incorporate both vintage aesthetics and modern influences to create a logo that really captures the items she'll be vending. 
the pantry tucson - 2021
I was able to work with an amazing mutual aid group in Tucson, Arizona called The Pantry Tucson to create a marketing kit to help them promote their free pantry on social media and inform the community what items are currently requested for donation. I created a logo that reflected the iconic bright blue of their pantry, as well as included some of the most common items that they request to be donated. 
all city public adjusters - 2021
I was commissioned to create a logo for a public adjusting group who works as an intermediary between clients and their insurance companies to make sure they receive full insurance payouts. They requested to include the image of a house, water, fire, and storm to convey what they help their clients with. 
Bitchin’ Bout Books - 2020 
Bitchin' Bout Books is a new virtual book club where you can join writers and avid readers to drink and talk about your latest reads. Books and paired alcohol (along with illustrations by yours truly!) will be dropping every first of the month with a zoom meeting towards the end. Be ready for the alcohol and bitchy comments to pour!
I also worked with this group to create monthly illustrations (pictured below) highlighting the main character of the book they were reading, as well as the cocktail that they suggested to be paired with it. These illustrations helped show how different and unique the women they read about are! 
Trinity groups - 2020
Trinity groups were created by the community center The Corner in response to students needing to be quarantined during Covid-19. Through these groups students are able to engage with content via Instagram or Youtube and then discuss over FaceTime. 
The Corner - 2020
The Corner is a local Flagstaff community center for groups to be able to gather. The logo design was inspired by the look and feel of vintage Flagstaff signage. We went with this aesthetic to help the building feel like a part of the neighborhood, honor the heritage, and be timeless.
National research panel - 2020
The National Research Panel is an initiative started by ROC United to form a community of restaurant workers who are willing to help inform the restaurant industry going forward on issues including; health and hygiene concerns due to COVID-19, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, etc. The information gathered will inform ROC’s organizing efforts, policy leaders and elected officials, industry leaders, and advocacy organizations about how the lives of restaurant workers can be improved. The NRP Community response will also be used to promote social justice and equity in the industry.
The Node - 2019
The Node is an Arizona plant shop which sells rare and uncommon tropical plants, which sells primarily through Etsy. They requested for their logo to feature a monstera leaf, as this is one of the more well known tropical plants. The logo turned out beautifully, and the simplicity makes it memorable, and allows for their plants to really stand out.
Learn more about what they do at

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